Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yoga at home

I love going to a yoga studio.  I love the structure and guidance the instructor provides, the mirrors where I can watch my body, and the push that I get from having a class full of yogis.  Sometimes, however, I enjoy the ease of doing yoga at home.  I also think yoga and Pilates can be very expensive workout hobbies, usually costing $15-20 per class, and class times aren't always the most convenient for me.  I usually do Rodney Yee yoga videos at home.  He's my favorite instructor and has a variety of videos of different yoga styles and levels.  His videos cost around $25-35 per video, but if you subscribe to, you can watch his, and many more (Jillian Michaels, FIRM, Pilates), videos for less than $10 a month.  Pretty cheap huh?  If you are new to yoga and you want to try it out for free before buying a lot of videos and equipment, you can download podcasts on iTunes for free.  These videos are very basic and don't "flow", but they are helpful for relieving stress, opening your shoulders, hips, and chest, and releasing the tension of the day(s).

  • Namaste Yoga with Dr. Melissa West
  • My Yoga Online
  • YOGAmazing

There are also hundreds of hours of free videos on You Tube.  Some of the Advanced Yoga videos will make you say, WHAAAAT?!

My favorite all time yoga videos are:

I completed the Power Yoga video this morning, and now I'm craving a little something sweet.  How about some of these?

What kind of activity are you doing this weekend?  

 --Victor Hugo 

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