Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My warm up is your workout

Because we live 3 blocks from the beach, I try to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and take my workouts to the sand.

Begin by running 15 minutes at an easy pace.  When finished with the run, begin 3 reps of each exercise:

  • Mountain climbers- 15 each leg
  • Jump squats- 20
  • Bicycle sit-ups- 25 each side
  • Burpees with pushups- 15

Finish with a 15 minute run back to your starting point and cool down with stretching.

When running on the beach try to run in the soft sand.  This will increase your calorie burn and work all your stabilizer muscles in your legs and core.  And just think, if you run hard enough you can look this good...

After I took this photo, I was thinking maybe I should have taken this before my workout when I wasn't gasping for air.

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