Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spanish Classes in Playa del Carmen

I'm so lucky that I have a private tutor to teach me Spanish.  My classes are really low-key.  Most of the time we spend actually studying, but sometimes, after a long week, we take classes to the playa.  I like going to the beach to get my daily dose of Vitamin D, but 2 hours is usually my limit; and that is with SPF 50!

This day in particular was a beautiful day.  We got a short little rain, that helped keep us cool, but we still had to have a dip in the water.  The olas were super fuerte and knocked me off my feet a couple of times.  

I live 3 blocks from this view... Jealous yet?

My wonderful Mexican friend who helps me meet new people and practice my Spanish.  My favorite part about learning Spanish is that I keep discovering new and surprising things about this culture.  

What is something you are trying to learn and why?  And what is your favorite part about learning a new thing?

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