Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Little Basketball

With 2 boys in the house, and ONE TV, I'm a little out-numbered on what we watch.  Let's just say, my Nurse Jackie episodes are taking a back burner for a few weeks.  My little brother is holding the NBA Finals to the utmost importance, meaning every other night we watch King James and the Heat battle OKC Thunder, and I'm actually starting to get into it.  It's not that I don't like watching basketball, I do.  I love watching March Madness and the NCAA Tournament, but most of the time, NBA players just want to show off and don't even try to play defense.  The NBA Finals are different.  There is passion, and sweat, and hard work.  My favorite player to watch right now is Kevin Durant, GO OKC!  Even though KD played for the repulsive University of Texas, he is an amazing athlete.

 I always root for the underdog in almost every game I watch.  I can't help it.  I guess I really want David to beat Goliath. 

Along with watching basketball every other night, ordering in pizza happens (almost) just as frequently.  Can you say expanding waistline?  I wish I could harness a 13 year old boy's metabolism and sell it.  I would have a banging body, and be a BA-zillionaire!

I still love having my little brother here, but I'm starting to cherish the alone time I have from the moment I wake up and when he finally rolls out of bed.  It's just so peaceful and quiet!   And having a teenage boy in my small apartment is really making me question if I'm ready for this whole motherhood thing. 

I know getting an honest answer about how kids change a mom's life is about as easy as getting water from a rock, but what helped you decide that you were ready for children?  How did you prepare?  And did that preparedness actually prepare you for having children?

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