Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Patrick's First Days in Playa del Carmen

My brother just arrived, and we are already keeping him busy.  In the last day we have been to the cine in 4-D, eaten ceviche and chilequiles, swam in the ocean, and started Spanish classes.  I'm really happy Patrick is here.  He's gaining many new experiences that Kansas just can't provide.   The hubs and I really enjoy spending time with my little brother and sharing our life with him.  He's so energized to try new things and doesn't seem to be afraid of anything.  I'm totally jealous of his outgoing personality and his zeal for life.

Mi hermanito enjoying some ceviche in Los Aguachiles, swimming the the ocean, and trying chilequiles in Cueva del Chango.

Studying Spanish with Blanca


  1. What a lucky boy!!!! I'm slightly jealous!! Miss you friend!

    1. Yeah, I'm trying to "crack the whip" and keep him behaving, but we are finding time for fun too. If I can handle a teenage boy, I could handle anything! Miss you! Come visit anytime!


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