As a little girl, I always knew I wanted a destination wedding.  When Jade and I decided to get married, he let me have the reins.  After doing some research (and travel), we decided on a destination and a date.  Six months before the big day, Jade, my Dad, and I walked into my hometown courthouse and legally tied the knot.

 The best part, I now celebrate 2 anniversaries!

Now, on to the real deal.

My family and friends flew to Zihuatanejo, Mexico on the Thursday before my wedding.  Jade was already in Mexico for a "Bachelor's Week" with some of his friends.  We booked the Tides for our wedding and for our guest to stay.   This place is amazing!  

To book your stay, visit

I worked with an amazing wedding coordinator who helped me plan every step, even thousands of miles away.  Jade was in charge of the food, but he left most of the planning up to me.

My dress in our whimsical room

My sexy husband

Posing before seeing my hubby

My dad and I waiting before walking me down to meet Jade

Meeting the hubby

Before the ceremony

Beautiful setting

After the ceremony

I even got a little 2-steppin' in at my beach wedding

Our romantic wedding night room

You can read more about our unforgettable day here!

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