Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mexican wedding

A couple weeks ago, Jade and I traveled to Tepoztlan, Mexico for our good friends' wedding.  Carlos and Suheily threw one heck of a party.  This was our first Mexican wedding, and it did not disappoint.  Mexicans can sure throw parties.  The wedding kicked off at 5pm at a small Catholic church. 

They had a full mass and the church filled up fast.  After the wedding, we arrived at the reception, and were welcomed into a beautiful garden area with wine, champagne, and beers. 

 The hubs and I all dressed up

The groom and Jade

The bride and groom

After cocktail hour, we found our seats and enjoyed a 5 course meal.  The food was great, and the boys started taking advantage of the open bar.   

What fiesta is complete without a mariachi band?  The mariachis played for a good 2 hours before the DJ took over, and the couple had their first dance. 

That's when the party really got started.   A group of native dancers, called Chinelos, from the state of Morelos showed up and EVERYONE got up to dance.

 Even grandma of the groom!

At about 2:30 am, they served us Chilequiles.  If you haven't tried this hot, delicious, mess of a breakfast you are missing out.  This is my all-time favorite breakfast. 

After everyone had their stomach full again, the party continued.  Drinks were still being served and the dancing went to a whole new level. 

 The DJ started even played Achy, Breaky, Heart... in Spanish!  Complete with cowboy hat props to the dancers.  YES!

Check out this video here

At about 4:00 am we decided to head back to our hotel.  We had a long day of traveling the next morning and knew that we were going to feel every drink we put into our bodies the next day.  This was such a fun wedding, and Jade and are so fortunate to have great friends to share this occasion.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Exhausted and homeless

I know I could never get any sympathy for my life.  I really have an awesome life!  My husband is the best, my dogs bring me so much joy, I have the best friends any girl could ask for, my family is always supportive, and I live in paradise.  So why am I complaining?

For the last 2 months, I wake up and listen to a group of 4 Mexicans, bang with a hammer and a chisel, every tile out of the floor and wall, non-stop for 10 hours a day.  Our landlord treats us like we are stupid gringos, and the workers laugh in my face when I ask them politely to shut the F#@$ up!

Today, we finally had enough and moved all of our possessions out of our apartment and into a friend's place.  We are now officially homeless again! Thank goodness for good friend!  Thanks Kyle!

On a brighter note, the hubs and I were fortunate enough to get to spend more time with the newlyweds.  Carlos and Suheily came to Playa del Carmen for their honeymoon.  We got to party with them like the days in Cuernavaca.  Only thing missing was that pinche Suizo!

Tomorrow we start the search for a new, quiet, apartment.  Until then, send Ace some peaceful thoughts.  He's not sure what to think about us moving him around again!