Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mexican wedding

A couple weeks ago, Jade and I traveled to Tepoztlan, Mexico for our good friends' wedding.  Carlos and Suheily threw one heck of a party.  This was our first Mexican wedding, and it did not disappoint.  Mexicans can sure throw parties.  The wedding kicked off at 5pm at a small Catholic church. 

They had a full mass and the church filled up fast.  After the wedding, we arrived at the reception, and were welcomed into a beautiful garden area with wine, champagne, and beers. 

 The hubs and I all dressed up

The groom and Jade

The bride and groom

After cocktail hour, we found our seats and enjoyed a 5 course meal.  The food was great, and the boys started taking advantage of the open bar.   

What fiesta is complete without a mariachi band?  The mariachis played for a good 2 hours before the DJ took over, and the couple had their first dance. 

That's when the party really got started.   A group of native dancers, called Chinelos, from the state of Morelos showed up and EVERYONE got up to dance.

 Even grandma of the groom!

At about 2:30 am, they served us Chilequiles.  If you haven't tried this hot, delicious, mess of a breakfast you are missing out.  This is my all-time favorite breakfast. 

After everyone had their stomach full again, the party continued.  Drinks were still being served and the dancing went to a whole new level. 

 The DJ started even played Achy, Breaky, Heart... in Spanish!  Complete with cowboy hat props to the dancers.  YES!

Check out this video here

At about 4:00 am we decided to head back to our hotel.  We had a long day of traveling the next morning and knew that we were going to feel every drink we put into our bodies the next day.  This was such a fun wedding, and Jade and are so fortunate to have great friends to share this occasion.

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