Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The 15th of June was one of our 2nd wedding anniversaries.  I've mentioned this in a post before, but Jade and I legally got married before we actually had our wedding in Zihuatenejo, Mexico.  So this lucky girl gets to celebrate 2 anniversaries!!

Because Jade works all weekend, so we decided to celebrate last night.  We went out for a nice stroll on quinta avenida and had some drinks before a sushi dinner date, sans teenage brother.

The hubs and I try to celebrate both anniversaries, but the one for our friends and family is in December, so EVERYONE you are forgiven for not remembering.  Last December 11, our first year anniversary, we stuck with the traditional gift theme of paper.  I gave J a cute little post card, and he gave me a beautiful love note, and together we made a scrap book of our first-year adventures as a married couple.  Simple, cheap, and we made it together.  It is something we will have forever, along with the memories. 

We thought this pic was pretty ironic.  I took a photo of Jade, putting photos of us, in a scrapbook of photos of all the important memories of our first year.  If you look closely, you can see the first few moments of my sweet little niece's life and Jaders as the proud uncle.  Aw... we sure miss little Amour.

While writing this post, I realized the picture above reminded me a photo I came across a few years ago.  The smile hasn't changed at all.

I'm so lucky to found such a good man to have as a husband.  I love you Jade!

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