Thursday, May 31, 2012

Las Mañanitas

A few blog posts back, I mentioned how I'm aging graciously and gracefully, grudgingly and kicking and screaming.  We celebrated our friend's 28th birthday last weekend.  I made reservations at Cenacolo located on 5th Avenue.  They promptly called me back to confirm.  When we arrived, we were quickly seated and served complimentary cheese and wine.  I'm not very knowledgeable about the different kinds of cheeses, but it tasted like a Parmesan.  We all ordered appetizers, I had a Caprese Salad, and after our meal, most of us ordered coffee.  The birthday boy even received a complimentary dessert and the wait staff sang Las Manañitas. (Happy Birthday).

 My Caprese Salad.  This was better than my meal.

All of us are right around the same age, 27 and 28 and after dinner we were all a little tired.  This is only going to get worse, huh?  But we were troopers and stayed out until 2am!  We talked and had a few beers, but mostly just enjoyed the quiet evening out in PdC.

Birthday boy with the most delicious flan I've even tried.

The boys in front of Cenacolo. 

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