Saturday, May 26, 2012

I feel old

Because I'm slightly vain, as mentioned in this post and maybe a few others, I constantly worry about aging.  My friend turns 28 today, the hubs turns 28 in 2 months, and I'm shortly behind them.  Jaders tells me to accept it and age gracefully.  I just want to go kicking and screaming into my 30's.  Don't get me wrong, I'm so excited for my 30's.  The hubs and I will start a family, settle down, buy a house, and grow old together, but can't I wait a few years?  

I found this link on a Facebook friend's website... Does this make anyone else feel old?

I was thinking of a few others too.  Remember these?

1.  Skip-It from the late 80's?  It was my favorite toy.  I also think I had this girl's outfit.  Rockin' the scrunchy!

2.  Teddy Ruxpin.  The first Teddy Ruxpin debuted in 1985.  I couldn't have gotten mine much afterward. 

3.  Full House- This show was one of my all time favorites.  It started in 1987. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen started Full House when they were just one year old.  Today, they are 26!

 4.  Slap bracelets- I think I had one in every (neon) color I could find.  I would love to bring these babies back in style!

I gotta go drink my Ensure and get a walker now, I don't wanna break a hip!

What are some of your favorites from childhood?  

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