Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ace has worms!

I swear I'm a good mom to my doggies.  I give them all their shots, heart worm meds, flea and tick preventers, and lots of treats!  But last week, after Ace's morning ritual, I noticed... worms!  I was severely grossed out, and promptly called my Dad, he's a veterinarian and all-around optimist!  He gave me the name of the medication I needed and what likely caused the worms... Fleas!  So with this new knowledge, I set out to the veterinarian here in PdC.  My vet is great, affordable, and speaks English.  If anyone needs a recommendation, send me an email!  The vet gave me the pill and a little treat for Acers.  Ace is now worm-free and he's playing like a puppy! 

Prepare yourself!  You will now be bombarded with another photo shoot of my bulldog Ace.  He is currently accepting modeling jobs.

The vet gave Ace a bone.  

I'm trying to recreate this image, Ace is not having it.


  1. Ace is SO cute! Glad you're getting rid of those worms :)

    1. Thanks. Your puppy Hazel is pretty adorable too. I hope you are feeling well. I'm so happy for you and Chris!


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