Monday, May 14, 2012

Night diving

If you haven't noticed, my blog has been going through some changes.  I'm having trouble figuring out how to get all the information, graphics, and photos on my blog.  Any thought on self-hosting?  Paying for a web designer?

Last week, Jade and I went on my first night dive.  Jade has been on several in the Bahamas, but it was his first in Mexican waters.  Our night dive was SO COOL!  There is so much more life out at night than during the day.  I was a little nervous at first because it was the first dive wearing my hood.  I had a few problems with my mask making a good suction, and most of the dive I spent with water in my mask or my mask off my face trying to clear out the water.  Super frustrating.  I'm glad I stuck it out, because when I saw an octopus crawling along the ocean bottom, it made all the frustration melt away.  The octopus was about the size of a bowling ball.  At first it was a greenish blue color, but when it started to move, it turned red.

It looked like this.

Watch this video to see how freakin' cool octopuses... octopi are!!

We also saw manta rays.  Jade said one was swimming right underneath me (I didn't see it), and it got so close to me, he started to get a little worried.  Remember Steve Irwin??  But then, I kicked it (accidentally) with one of my fins, and it swam off thinking (Stephanie Tanner style), "How rude!"

I even saw a squid or a cuttlefish.  I wasn't sure what it was until I started searching for octopus pictures, and I came across some of these photos.  I'm thinking now it was a cuttlefish because it was only about 6 inches long.

Anyone dive in the Caribbean know which is probably most likely?

After my night dive, I got a little curious about what types of fish and life come out at night.  My google searches brought me to shark attack videos, naturally!  For the last 5 hours, I have been torturing myself on LiveLeak watching shark attacks.  Who's ready for some scuba diving?

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