Thursday, May 10, 2012


Last night while browsing through my social networks, I found some seriously funny photos that made me LOL!  If you don't at least smile at some of these, I think it's time for you to talk to a doctor about your depression... or you are WAY more mature than I am!

This is seriously my sister's cat, Chester.  Chester will meow until you get up and feed him.  Chester used to be morbidly obese, and my sister finally put him on a diet.  Now, he constantly feels like he is being starved.  

If I could get my bulldog into a swing, I totally would.  

HAHA!  This says it all!

Jade teases my Bella all the time doing this.  She's so fast and so anxious to get the ball, you know she wants to kill you when she realizes you haven't thrown it!

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