Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Things I'm in love with

There are a few things that I'm totally obsessed with right now.  A few of these might not seem like anything special to you, but I'm hoping you will try some of them out and love them as much as I do.

1.  Zobha yoga wear.  I ordered both of these.

I ordered this in white and blue.

And these in pink

2.  Rue La La:  This website is fabulous!  I actually purchased the above Zobha wear from Rue La La.  I've also purchased some heels, jeans, and a dress.  Everything is discounted at least 50%.  So my favorite part about this website is when you spend money, you are actually saving some major change (or at least that's what I tell the hubs)!

3.  MiO:  It is a liquid water enhancer.  My mom knows how much I love Crystal Light, so she bought this for me to try out.  It is delicious!  Even Jader loves it.  Favorite flavor:  strawberry watermelon!

4.  Dexter:  Season 6 is awesome!  I really love all the seasons, but the Doomsday Killer, the Trilogy Killer, and the Ice Truck Killer all in one season!  Shut the front door!

5.  Time Magazine:  It is my number one news source.  It's a one stop shop for news, entertainment, and politics.  Every week I read this thing cover to cover.  Love love love it!

6.  My NEW Burberry coat:  The classic fitted quilted Brit.  Ain't it a beauty? 

7.  Foster the People:  Torches.  Everyone has heard Pumped up Kicks, but the entire Torches album is so great.  It's rare to find a band that produces an entire album of great songs, and these guys do.  You can purchase their album on iTunes for $9.99!

I hope you guys enjoy these things.  I'd love to hear your feedback.

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