Thursday, November 3, 2011

My mate for life

On Monday, my husband returned from his trip to the Bahamas where he became a certified dive master... Baller!  He said scuba diving was one of the coolest things he has ever done.  He brought me back a conch shell from the bottom of the ocean floor and a beautiful purple, my favorite colored shell. 

While he was diving, he saw many schools of colorful fish, including angel fish.  Jade described all of the ocean's creatures he saw, and he mentioned angel fish mate for life.  You will almost never find them alone, because they do almost everything together.  Animals that mate for life always make me smile.

I looked up other animals that mate for life and I found 11.  Wolves are one of those animals, and they usually live with their mate and their offspring, like a little nuclear family.  Makes me smile!

I'm so happy I found my mate for life, and I'm looking forward to Jade teaching me how to dive.  We leave for a warmer climates and some ocean waters later this month. 

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