Saturday, November 26, 2011

Playa del Carmen update

Wow!  My blog has suffered during this busy time around the holidays. My next post will be about my delicious Thanksgiving dinner that I prepared and hosted in our home. But let me first catch you up on our travels to Playa del Carmen.

In an earlier post, I commented on our travels in Playa del Carmen.  Jade and I flew there two weeks ago to look for a house to rent, and for a little R and R!  We stayed at Xperience Hotel for three days, then really spoiled ourselves by staying in an all inclusive resort called, Royal Hideaway in Playacar.  It was such a great vacay, and totally gluttonous!  For 4 days and 3 nights we stuffed our bellies with delicious food and yummy drinks.  We indulged in desserts and sunshine, and we swam in the crystal clear ocean waters.  We did have some errands to do, but mostly we relaxed and spent some quality time together.  

 The beautiful waters of Playa del Carmen.  I love the beach!  It sure beat the 40 mph winds and 20 degree nights of Kansas.  Ugh!

My attempt at being somewhat artistic with a sandals in the sand picture.  BTW... I found these babies on sale at Nordstroms for $30!

 The hubs and I enjoying some beach time.

 Jader's delicious tuna sashimi shaped like a rose. 

 A night on the beach after dinner enjoying some drinks and alone time. 

 This crazy looking animal is about 15 lbs and looks like a rat and a squirrel, but bigger.  I guess they are pretty common in Mexico.  Anyone know what these are called?

 My love for martinis led me to not one of these babies, but a several. Let's just say, I was a feeling a little under the weather one morning.   And Jade enjoyed the chocolate martini below!  Yum!

 Our beautiful room at Royal Hideaway in Playacar.  I loved this place.  I would definitely recommend staying here.  The food was good, the service was great, and the amenities were fabulous!

 Our view every morning for breakfast.

 Can you tell who was behind the camera most of the time? 

 Awww.... Paradise!

So, who's coming to visit me when we move in January?  We found a two bedroom house close to the beach, shopping, restaurants, and Wal-mart! 


  1. I'm totally there :). Miss you hun!

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