Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our first days in Playa

Yesterday I finally arrived in Playa del Carmen after 12 hours of traveling.  It was a long day, but we found our hotel and walked around the city with no problems.  We are staying at Xperience Hotel right off 5th Avenue because we wanted to get a great feel of the city, but not be too far from the beach.  Plus, we got a great deal on Xpedia.

5th Avenue here is awesome.  There are dozens of restaurants and shops, along with at least 4 Starbucks.  I'm in LOVE! 

Today, we had a delicious breakfast at our hotel and then headed to the beach.  We spent about 4 hours on the beach, and I.AM.BURNT! 

I'm usually really good about wearing sunscreen, and I did have SPF 65 on, but the sun is serious down here.  I think I'll be wearing a nice loose dress tomorrow!  We also looked at 4 different houses for rent today.  We found one that was really nice.  It was 2 bedrooms and 2 baths with an upper deck pool and grill.  The "ocean view" left a lot to be desired, but 4 blocks from the beach isn't too bad.  Basically, if this is what I get to do everyday, I can learn to live without a lot!

What is something that is necessary when looking for a place to live?

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  1. Hey! Love it! If you get a chance, it's hokey fun to check out the Xcaret theme park down the coast a little ways from playa del carmen. It's maybe 5 miles south. Believe it or not, about 5 years ago I walked the rocky coastline all the way down. Fun, maybe not recommended anymore as you sorta always want to be around other people and not totally by yourself while you're there. The point is, it's close, it has a cave-cenote rafting thing (a little bit is even natural!) and this crazy coliseum where they put on a great history show of the pre-columbian aztecs, complete with Tlatchtli, the aztec/maya ball game that they used to play in those "courts" that we saw when we were at Tikal! Hey this is great! Thanks for writing the blog! I'll be stoked to hear about all your adventures!


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