Friday, November 4, 2011

Booked it!

Jader and I finally booked our trip to Playa del Carmen.  We've been discussing this new adventure in our lives for the past month.  I really fought this change, because I have enjoyed being close to my friends and family.  But I eventually came around to the ideal of living on the beach in a beautiful local, instead of suffering the cold weather in Kansas.

And when my friends are complaining about shoveling 10 inches (or 10 feet) of snow off their driveways in the mornings, I'll try to keep my "toes in the sand" pictures to a minimum. 

So we leave in a few weeks to go take a "Look See" at places to live for the next year.  I've searched rentals online, and I'm already feeling pretty positive at what I have found.  And, the best part, my friends can't help but want to come visit me!


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