Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fad follower... yep that's me!

Yesterday I joined the rest of the world and tried my class of Cross Fit.  This, along with reading the entire trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey, proves that I will follow (or try) any seemingly popular fad.

I have the scrapes to prove my awesomeness (or incredibly soft hands) at my first class.  As my husband would tell me, "It's a long ways from your heart."  I think I'll live, but maybe I'll do some complaining first... then quietly buy some gloves and STFU.

As for Cross Fit, every muscle in my entire body is super sore, but totally SWOL!  I went to my second day of workouts today, but skipped yoga class tonight after taking a half a dozen Advil and thinking about shrugging my shoulders still makes me want to pee my pants.  

I'm all for the No pain, no gain mentality, so in my book, Cross Fit is a total win.  It also doesn't hurt that everyone in my class has a super awesome body, that I'm currently jealously admiring.  Every time I order a large cappuccino and chocolate croissant, I think, "Hey, I've earned this!", and totally undo all the hard work I've just done.  But a girl's gotta live, right?  

As for some inspiration, check out my new office poster!

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