Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ace update

Since my baby girl, Bella is living with my sister and brother-in-law, Ace is my new 4-legged best friend.  I miss Bella like crazy, but I know she is being loved and taken care of.  I wish she was here with us, but an apartment life, with no yard, is not that best place for her.  I will be traveling back to the US in October, and I can't wait to take her to the farm and let her run free without a leash.  

Ace, on the other hand, is quite lazy and prefers to be inside all day sleeping.  We are one a very light exercise routine since we found out he has some degenerative knee issues and needs a corrective operation.  Ace is only 6 years old, but he's starting to fall apart.  This year, we have been to the veterinarian more times than in his entire life, but I'm doing my best to stay positive and provide the best place for Acers to live.

He is out cold!

Any suggestions or recommendations for a dog dealing with Patellar Luxation are much appreciated.  

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