Saturday, July 28, 2012

Perfect Saturday

After a stressful and crazy day yesterday, I'm appreciative of this perfectly, lazy, and uneventful Saturday.  I took Ace to the vet yesterday for a consultation on his continuously worsening hips and legs.  Poor old guy could barely walk up the few stairs to the vet office.  He also had a surgery to remove a concerning mass on his neck.  The operation went fine, but when I picked him up, the vet told me he needs knee surgery and will have to be put under anesthetic.  Jade and I are still talking about our options.  I want Ace to have a good quality of life with or without the surgery.  I feel pensive about the recovery process and if one operation will be enough to last his life.  Any opinions on this are welcomed. 

For my perfect Saturday, I was able to sleep in with my hubby.  Snuggling in the arms of someone you love is incredibly under appreciated.  After our late start and a few errands, I headed to the gym to sweat and think about my 4-legged concern.  A little pool time, some light reading, and yoga can sure make a girl feel relaxed.  Now, the hubs and I are going to enjoy a little Lentil Soup

some of this...

And the Olympics! 

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