Friday, July 6, 2012

Cozumel Diving

Yesterday, we took another trip to Cozumel, this time drugged with Dramamine, and we went on the most amazing dive of my life.  Our trip started off a bit rocky:  we missed the ferry by 30 seconds and the inflator hose on my BCD started free flowing.  Lucky for me, the dive shop was pretty understanding about our tardiness, and my sexy Dive Master husband, switched out our hoses, and saved the day. 

We dove the Santa Rosa Wall.  It was the most beautiful and flourishing coral reefs I've ever seen.  Our dive guide was also one of the most interesting men I've ever met.  His name is Sergio Sandavol, and you can find him HERE on facebook.  He is 74 years old, speaks 7 languages, and in 1993, had over 5,000 dives.  He builds his own underwater camera filters, housing units, and makes his own you tube videos of his dives.  He also let us maximize our bottom time and oxygen consumption. 

To book with Sergio, visit his website or find his business Facebook page here

Watch a video of the Santa Rosa Wall dive in Cozumel. 

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