Friday, July 6, 2012

Diving Dos Ojos

This is the last full week my brother will be staying with us, so we tried to make the most of his time and dive almost every day.  We went on a night dive, cavern dives, and Cozumel dives.  Next up:  Wreck dive to Mama Viña

I love trying new adventures, and a cavern dive was something we all wanted to try.  Diving in Dos Ojos was different than any other sea dive I have done.  In many cenotes, the water is a combination of salt water and fresh water, but Dos Ojos was all fresh water, making us all less buoyant.  There is also very little light, so very few fish live in the caverns.  But there were bats! 

Here is a video of the dive.  We were not quite as advanced as this group, but you can get a good idea of what we were diving.

This cavern system is complex with many different lines you can follow.  We dove the Barbie Line and the Bat Cave.  Both were breath taking.  I have visited many caves in Colorado, but viewing the stalactites and stalagmites, fully immersed, was surreal.  It amazes me to think these caverns used to be completely underwater.  We saw fossils of the "sea" shells that used to thrive in these caves.  In 2008 scientists also found a human skeleton that was 13,600 years old.  You can read the full story from National Geographic here.

We dove with Mexican Blue Dream, and had a very experienced and knowledgeable guide.  I would recommend taking your next trip with them.

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