Sunday, December 4, 2011


Today, my husband called me "wifey-cita."  I think it's funny because we always have cute little nicknames for each other.  Although, he absolutely hates when I call him Jaders, The Hubsters, or hubby wubby wubby wubby!  Just kidding.  I never use baby talk, except with my doggie woggie woggies!  Haha!

How could you not when you look at these guys.

I also tried on all my scuba gear... Check it out....

Yes, I look like a dork, and I totally don't know what any of the dials or buttons are for... Yet.  In Playa, Jade promises to get me certified and take me out to scuba! 

I've been thinking a lot about how to get my friends and family motivated to work out and keep the winter/holiday weight off.  The average person gains 7 lbs from the time between Thanksgiving and New Years.  This workout is to help prevent this weight gain.

I thought I would put together a workout that can be done at home.  I know, getting to the gym is sometimes difficult, especially for those stay-at-home-mommies!

1.  Start out getting your muscle warmed up with some half squats- 25

2.  Burpees- 15

3.  Staggered hand pushups- 20
** Concentrate on good form.  Tuck your hips under and keep your back flat.  Go all the way down. Drop to your knees if you need to finish the set.

4.  Flutter kicks- 50; count each leg

5.  Jump lunges- 20

6. One leg tricep dip- 20- switch legs at 10.  Drop both legs to the floor to finish the set if needed.

7.  Jump Squats- 20

8.  Plank move to side plank- 10 each side

Repeat this circuit as many times as you can for a total of 20 minutes.  Rest as little as possible.  You want to keep your heart rate up.  This will help you burn as many calories as possible. 

Remember to drink lots of water.  At least, 64 ounces a day.  This will help you avoid over-eating, and give your skin and hair a hydrated look. 

Message me for any details on the exercises.  Good luck!

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