Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Cookie Cutouts

Last night, the Mr. and I decorated Christmas cookies.  I enjoy baking and decorating cookies, but I don't do it very often.  I especially love that the Mr. J likes to do it with me.  Can you tell which ones he decorated??

If you guessed the ones on the very right, you are correct... Yep, he made me a KSU woman, but he made sure she was sad, and her KU boyfriend was happy.  What a D-O-R-K!!

Here are some that I decorated.  

This recipe was really good and easy to make.  No chilling involved!  I made my own Icing, but didn't really measure out the ingredients.  I just added enough powdered sugar and water until I made the right consistency. 

For a little randomness in today's blog, check out my new hair do.

When my sister came for Thanksgiving, she had this cute little feather in her hair.  I've been wanting to try something different, but didn't want the permanency of hair dye.  What do you think?  

What do you readers do to your hair when you want to change it up?  

PS... A VERY Happy Birthday to my MIL, Vaunda and my BFF, Abby!!  

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