Sunday, December 11, 2011

First wedding anniversary

Today is our first year anniversary.  Did you know that a traditional first year anniversary gift is supposed to be paper?  I tried to stick to the theme, by giving Mr. J a cute postcard and a personal message and set it on top a new suitcase for him.  If you couldn't tell, we travel A LOT, and we are pretty hard on suitcases, so this was a very needed gift before our big move.

I think we are going to take it easy today, and maybe head out to celebrate tomorrow.  The weekend holiday shoppers will most likely not be out on a Monday, and we can have a fun date without all the stresses of doing it on the weekend.  It will also give me an extra day to work off those extra calories I consumed when baking my Christmas Cookie Cutouts and our OTB date. 

On the Border is my guilty pleasure.  I love this place.  And by this place, I mean their salsa, guac, and queso.  Usually, I get our food TO-GO and I head home to make Jade some taco meat and beans.  I'm just satisfied with the apps.  Has anyone watched the Biggest Loser when the experts tell the contestants that Mexican food is one of the worst things you can eat?  Especially when you consume at least 2 baskets of chips... Yeah, I've watched it too!  And, I'll be sweating it up today at the gym.  Sigh! 

I did substitute the traditional OTB chips for these babies.  Yum, they are so good, and are made from good-for-you ingredients. 

I buy mine at Costco, and would buy these babies by the pallet if they would let me.  The company, Food Should Taste Good, has come out with so many different flavors.  I can't wait to try them all out.

Happy Anniversary to me and the hubs!

Did you stick to the traditional wedding anniversary gifts?  What did you get/give for year one?

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