Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tampa, Here we come!

Yesterday was officially my last day at my internship!  Yay!  Done working for free!  I never have to walk into the office and hear the Director of Sales yell, "What's up bitches?"  Yeah, very professional!  My other part-time job is at a collision repair shop, and those guys have better manners than two of my supervisors at my internship.  Well it's finished, fin, finito, terminado!!!

I'm heading to Tampa with my girlfriends for Katie's bachelorette party.  Perfect timing!  It's going to be such a nice little vacation.  I hope to take lots of pictures and make some unforgettable memories.  I love these girls!

We used to have a great time in college... We may be bringing back some shenanigans!  Peace out Kansas!

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