Sunday, July 24, 2011

HGTV Hotties!

For the last 48 hours, I've had HGTV on non-stop.  I love watching home makeover shows and House Hunters.  It makes me want to redecorate and remodel.  It also gives me price guidelines for purchasing homes in different areas.  Although I love my rental, I always have my eye on the American Dream of home ownership.  Well, I took my inspiration and rearranged all my living room furniture.  I guess I must have learned a thing or two from watching non-stop HGTV programing, because the house totally flows! 

Today, I also started another landscaping project.  This one was less for myself, and more for my lawn boy.  Seriously, I have one!  He's a really nice high school kid, but his landscaping skills are less than desirable.  He's chopped my rose bushes down twice now, and mowed over my cucumbers... SERIOUSLY!

While watching non-stop home-improvement programming, I've noticed that all the HGTV contractors are total hotties.  Hello muscles!  Maybe I'm just missing my husband, but these guys are..... NICCCCCEEEE!

Redecorating and updating costs a lot of money, what are some tips and websites you use for cheap decorating ideas and furniture?

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