Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A woMAN'S world

After work today, I ran to Wal-mart to pick up some things for the garden.  Do the contents of my cart look like a man or a woman's shopping trip? 

My husband would be so proud.  :)

While in the home improvement section of Wal-mart, an old man approached me to tell me a joke.  "What's the difference between an old-fashioned dime and a new penny?  Non-sense (Nine cents)?  After the joke, I proceded to provide some awkward laughter and slowly walk away.  I know he was just trying to be friendly, but seriously!  Is it that unfamiliar to see a woman shopping for tools that a man needs to approach her with an equally awkward joke?

And when I got home, I went over to my neighbors house to bring them some goodies out of my garden.  They are well into their 70's and the nicest neighbors anyone could ask for.  I will be busy baking tonight because tomorrow I'm going to their house for dinner with their family.  Sometimes it take people like them to make me realize how wonderful people can be.

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