Friday, September 16, 2011

Summer update

Wow!  It looks like I've been away from my blog posting duties for awhile. In my defense, I was really busy with my job, graduate school internships, and assignments, keeping up with our garden, and taking care of my two babies (the four-legged kind).

Last time I blogged, I was headed to Tampa for one of my best friend's, Katie's,  bachelorette party.  Tampa was the funnest girls trip EVER!!!  Here are a few pictures.

We went out to Ciros, a Speakeasy in Tampa, our first night and tried Absinthe, chicken and waffles, and old fashioned cocktails.

The next day we headed to the beach for some sun, relaxing, and more cocktails.

I never wanted this trip to end.  Sunday we said our goodbye's and made plans for another girls trip soon.  I love all these girls.

The bachelorette, Katie, and her prince, Seth, were married last weekend, Sept 10, 2011.  Another great night with great friends!  This picture is a group of some of the best of So Long Saloon, and the bride and groom.  I can think of several greats we are missing though.

Jade came home from 2 months of working in Mexico.  I missed my husband so much.  I've always known that I love spending time with him, but I sincerely appreciate him and our days spent together more than anything now.  I didn't realize how much I would miss having him around and his presence.  He makes my life so much better.  Everything I do is easier with him by my side.

Our first date together when he came home was to Capitol Grill in Kansas City.  It was de-licious.  We ate like fat kids and drank like kings.  We were fortunate enough to try the Wine Extravaganza.  $20 a person for all you can drink... yes please! 

This was the description of our favorite wine... NOT!  Does this mean poop?

But this by far made up for everything.  It put my coconut pie to shame.

Capitol Grill was our first date together when Jade got back from Mexico, but we have done so many other fun things too.  We went to a concert and saw Bush, Incubus, and Jane's Addiction.  No pictures were taken there.  We were just grooving with the music!

We also went to the Yankees vs Royals game at Kaufman Stadium.  The Royals won too! 

This little boy sat right in front of us.  His chants, "Go Billy (Butler)!" made me want kiddos. 

Another fun trip Jade and I took since he's been home is to Seattle, Victoria, BC, and Vancouver, BC.  We did so many activities that I will save this story for another blog post.  Jade and I are currently in the middle of (nowhere) Missouri in a cabin.  It's nice to be able to do nothing and relax for a few days.  I hope to get caught up on some blogging I've missed this summer. 

PS... I'm a University of Central Missouri Graduate School Alumni!  Whoop Whoop!  I received my window decal (not my diploma?) in the mail yesterday.  Now, PhD?  Anyone who wants to way in on a 27 year old starting a PhD, your advice is appreciated.

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