Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things I miss

We've been in Mexico for a little over a week now, and there are a few things I miss.  I miss my:

1.  Ice maker- Because you can't drink the tap water here, we can't use our ice maker.  I guess we could pour water into little ice cube trays and put them in the freezer, but that just seems like too much work.  Maybe I'm really, inherently lazy.

2.  Bounty paper towels- Aren't cheap paper towels the worst.  You grab one because you spill your juice all over the counter, and the nonabsorbent, crappy, little quilts just push the juice down the front of the cabinets and all over your shoes.

3.  High thread count sheets... and my Tempur-Pedic... and any mattress cover not made of a pathetic fiber they call nylon.  I seriously feel like I'm on a slip and slide when I get into bed.  Which makes the bedroom more fun, but less romantic.

* I kinda hate how much they are enjoying that bed.

4.  Not having to pick up Ace's poo- We used to have a nice wooded area near our home in Lawrence where I would take the dogs and run them off the leash.  They could do their business, and since we were in the woods, I just left it, see above, inherently lazy.  Now that we live in a real city, I am forced to bend down and pick it up at least 3 times a day!

And Ace is not a small dog... which means big... you get it

* I know celebrities...

even Eva Longoria, pick up their dog doodie, but EW!

5.  Friends and family- I miss being able to call up a friend or one of the many wonderful women in my life to meet me out for dinner, drinks, shopping, or even a workout.  Jade is my only friend here right now, and that's a little tough.  

6.  My baby Bella-  Because Jade and I moved with as much stuff as we could fit in our suitcases, and Jade's computers, and our scuba stuff (we looked like a gypsy camp), we were only able to take one dog.  And because Ace is so naughty, he could not be trusted with anyone who also has any other animals.  Both my Mom and my Sis offered to keep one dog for me for a few months, until I fly back, so my Sis kept my Bella.

Mommy, Daddy, and your brudder miss you and your slobbery kisses!

 7.  OTB Salsa and Queso-  I've eluded in previous posts about my love of OTB and their appetizers.  Contrary to popular belief, Mexicans really do not eat chips and salsa, creamy queso, or burritos.  They actually call this type of cuisine muy extraño, or very exotic!  Sure, I can get salsa here.  I can even get queso, burritos, and nachos here, but I can't get OTB salsa!

I'm sure I will think of more things that I miss, but we are heading to go eat some gringo food, like nachos, and watch the Patriots put it on the Bronchos!  I'm really only cheering for Tom.

I sort of hate the Patriots... so goooooooooo Tom!  (Picture me saying this while wavy my imaginary pom poms and doing a high kick!)

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