Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Still no internet!

"We will get the Internet my Friday", was what Cablemas said!  And if Mexican cable companies are anything like the US's, I'm sure they will be on time!  Ha!  Besides not having the Internet, we also don't have a printer.  I'm pretty much doing all my work in a little shop that makes copies, let's you make international calls, and post Tweets.  You meet some real characters here.  But as different as Mexico is from the US, Playa del Carmen has some surprising similarities and differences.

First, some of you may know my OCD tendencies toward cleanliness.  One of the first things I went out and bought were cleaning products.  Guess what they call Mr. Clean here?? 

Could I even make this up if I tried?

In Starbucks, they don't have our regular Holiday flavors of lattes.  (Pumpkin Pie Spice is the best)  But they do have Navidad flavors.  Like Cherry Mocha.

Not sure if I have the guts to try this baby.  Any Mocha latte flavor is WAY too harsh on my ole' belly.  And after reading the nutrition facts, I'll stick to my Tall, skinny, vanilla latte. 

Since arriving, one of my goals is to get into better shape.  This includes, losing some of the holiday weight I put on, and gaining back some of my muscle and strength that I tried hard to lose for my wedding OVER A YEAR AGO!!  In my defense, I looked very feminine without my big guns bulging out of my silk dress.

Jade and I took the first steps towards our goal.  Isn't keeping a goal much easier when you have a partner?  Sunday we ran and did a plyometric workout on the beach.  We had beautiful scenery, and beautiful bodies in tiny bikinis to motivate us.  On Monday, I finally ran and did hard weights, and on Tuesday, Jade took me out swimming against the current in the crystal clear blue water of the Caribbean!  It was difficult, but so nice to be outside.  Last night, we did a Power Yoga class at our new gym, and it was fabulous!  Our instructor studied English in Kansas, but moved back here for a little more entertainment.  What!  Atchinson, Kansas isn't the most exciting place??  We woke up this morning a little sore, but we both are going to try to do Power Yoga again tonight  I keep telling myself, we'll be tan and toned by the time we have visitors in March!  I miss my friends and family very much.  I can't wait for us to have visitors!

Below are a few pictures of our place.  I have a photo of both of our bedrooms, king size beds oh yeah, but they were too messy for my to post on here.

Nos vemos pronto!  We'll see you soon!

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