Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Necisito practicar espanol!

I started Spanish classes today.  I must say, my Spanish is terrible.  I could barely spit out my age, height, weight, and if I'm pregnant.  Okay, I just made up that last part.  I wasn't really asked if I was pregnant, but I was asked what birth control I use.  Mexicans are nosy!  Apparently, no question is off limits.  Now, in full disclosure, this question was not asked at the school.  It was asked at the nail salon.  When I told Jade about it, he said he just assumed that's what girls talk about with complete strangers at the nail salon.  Um, yes honey.  And when we have sleepovers, we have pillow fights in our lacy panties.  Ha!  In his dreams.

Now, to say that Mexicans are nosy is an unfair statement.  Conversations with them are just different.  No question is off limits.  Mexicans in general are much happier people than US-ians.  I think it's because they can be more open with each other.  Or it's because their work days starts around 10; with a 2 hour lunch/siesta break; and they end the day around 4.  Much better than our 9 hour working days, dontcha think? 

They also never have to pay for childcare because they bring their children with them where ever they go.  Seriously, EVERYWHERE!  Midnight at the bar, guaranteed to see a baby in a stroller.  10 o' clock at night, toddlers are learning to walk in the park.  Family of four with only a moped.  No problem. 

Hey, at least the adults have helmets on.

Jade and I are off for another night of power yoga.  Buenas noches chicos!

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