Wednesday, January 18, 2012

HELP! I need your opinion!

Before Jade and I moved to Playa del Carmen, I contacted HGTV House Hunters to help us find a place to live in the Yucatan. 

Don't you love House Hunters International?

I've been talking to them recently, and they want to feature Jade and me on their show.  The secret behind the show:  it's retrospective.  So they film the apartment we already picked as if we were choosing between three options.  Jade and I will be on camera filming our lives now in Playa, and our lives in Kansas.  I will be shown doing normal, everyday things like going to the grocery store and chatting with friends.  Then we will be filmed "searching" for the perfect apartment. 

So... What do you think?  Should we do it?  Can I get my husband on board if I wanted to do it? 

PS... To sweeten the deal, we get a small stipend.


  1. uhhhh are you freaking kidding me!!! I love that show!!!!

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  3. YES! Definitely do it! That would be so cool. What a great memory to make!

    1. The hubs isn't on board. Plus, it's a lot of work and not enough money to cover all the expenses.

  4. I missed this post! That would have been so cool!!! ~ Manda


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