Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ruins of Tulum

When my brother and his fiance came to visit Jade and me, we knew they would keep us busy.  I love traveling around and seeing the beautiful sites this area has to offer.  Our first day of traveling, we went to Tulum.  

Tulum is the site of a Maya walled city.  The ruins face the Caribbean Sea along the Yucatan Peninsula in Quintana Roo, Mexico.  It is situated on 39 feet tall cliffs along the coast of the ocean. 

Tulum was constructed by the Maya shortly before the arrival of the Spaniards.  It is believed to have been a fort built to watch the sea.

Diseases brought by the Spanish settlers appear to be the cause of the demise of the city.  

Don't let these photos fool you.  This site is one of the most well-preserved coastal Maya ruins, and is a popular site for tourists.  I was just really lucky not to catch any fanny packs and cameras in these shots.

Bring your swim suit and snorkel gear when you come to Tulum.  On a hot day, a swim in the Caribbean is perfect.

Iguanas were everywhere.  They were definitely comfortable with the tourists, and even let me get pretty close to take some photos.

Pollo del arbol anyone?

It was a beautiful day with my wonderful husband.  There is no one else I would rather share these new experiences.

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