Sunday, April 22, 2012

Certified Scuba Diver

It's official!  I'm a Certified Scuba Diver!

I finished my certification about a month ago with Scuba 10 in Playa del Carmen.  I shopped around for the least expensive shop and one where I felt comfortable with the instructors.  My instructor is Sepul and he's awesome.

On my first dive, I didn't clear my ears quick enough, and it was one of the worst pains I've ever felt.  It felt like my brain was being crushed and squeezed out my ears.  I tried to continue diving and forget about the pain.  My first and second dives were pretty exciting, so it was easy to do.

On my first dive, we saw HUGE tarpon fish.

Here is a photo I found to try to show how BIG these fish are.

These guys were about as long as we are and swimming 5 in a group.  We also got to see an enormous sea turtle and Jade picked up a beautiful sand dollar for me.  My first dives were very memorable.

My third and fourth dives were less exciting, but was able to practice my buoyancy.  Once I got it figured out, I felt like I was floating.  While floating along the bottom of the ocean I saw baby manta rays about 3 inches wide. 

I'm now hooked.  I have accomplished 4 dives, and I'm looking forward to my next!

And the best part... I get to do it with my favorite person.  Thanks hubby for this awesome experience!

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