Saturday, April 28, 2012

Palacio del Gobierno (Governor's Palace) in Merida

On our second day in Merida, we wanted to see the sights around the city.  Merida is the capital of Yucatan with many things to explore and experience.

Palacio del Gobierno

The hubs and my brother exploring.

Night time view of the Governor's Palace

 Inside the Governor's Palace are murals painted by a famous Mexican artist, Fernando Castro Pacheco.  These murals show the history of the Maya after the arrival of the Spaniards.



Salvador Alvarado

He is seen as "the one true liberator of the Mayan slaves."  He passed several laws in favor of poor, education, and women liberation.

Felipe Carrillo Puerto and Lazaro Cardenas

Each are two major figures in the emancipation of the Maya.

Mexico's struggle

This mural depicts Mexico's eternal struggle with good (eagle) and evil (serpent).  Fernando Castro Pacheco tries to portray this violent fight, which we hope, will eventually end with the triumph of Good- the liberation of the Mexican people and all their positive qualities from the dark proponents of Evil- symbolizing corruption, exploitation, and poverty.

The Conquest

Commander Francisco de Montejo together with his son and his nephew, would take on the conquest of the Yucatan Peninsula.  The task of conquering the Peninsula, however, was not easy, and it took the Montejos 20 years to dominate the Maya whom defended themselves bravely.

Gonzalo Guerrero

Guerrero was shipwrecked off the coast of the Yucatan and captured by the Maya.  Eight years later, Cortes rescued Guerrero, but Guerrero refused to go with Cortes.  He instead stayed and fought against the Spanish along side the Maya.  Guerrero, who married the daughter of the chief of Chetumal, is considered the father of "mestizaje" the mixing of the races in the Yucatan.

We stayed at Hacienda Merida.   It was a very nice, clean, centrally- located hotel with reasonably-priced rooms, friendly service, and wonderful drinks and food.

Having drinks on the patio 

The staff at Hacienda Merida recommended La Chaya Maya for dinner.  We enjoyed our dinner, appetizers, and drinks.

Women making homemade tortillas in the restaurant

Shark empanadas!  Yum

 My new favorite drink.  It's made of annis and honey. 

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