Saturday, April 2, 2011

My new Love, Amour

I am proud to announce my first niece is here. Amour Devaunna Easton was born March 21, 2011. She's the most perfect baby girl ever. I love everything about her. I couldn't imagine the love I would have for her if she were my own. Although Grandma Lane calls her, "my baby."

 I was fortunate to spend the afternoon with her yesterday. She mostly slept, but I was able to capture a few moments of her awake.

Her favorite auntie got to be there the morning after she was born.  I was so happy that labor and delivery went great for mom and baby... she just took a little longer than anyone wanted.

Uncle Jade got to hold her too. 
We are so happy Amour is a happy and healthy baby.  She's been good for her hardworking Mommy and Daddy. 

Sometimes she gives you her "mean face", but it's just as cute.

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  1. Hope to maybe get to see you girls on Friday. Love your blog :) U so pretty!!


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