Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yesterday was Valentine's Day. It was mine and J's first Valentine's Day as official husband and wife. We celebrated one last year as unofficial husband and wife, but I can't even remember what we did. J has been known to plan some pretty wonderful nights. One year, J took me to see Elton John. Another year, it was to the best sushi restaurant in the US with friends. This year, he told me we would "live above the influence" and avoid the expensive flowers and cheesy cards. Well, usually when he says something like that, he means it. We were planning a low-key night, watching the basketball game (KU vs. KSU), and hanging out with his family. My husband made his famous chili and chocolate fondue. It was delicious. But he surprised me with flowers and a heart felt card. My husband is so sweet. And after he surprised me, my alma mater shocked the hell out of me! KSU! Kstate has struggled this year, so it was pretty unbelievable that they beat the number one team in the nation. I'd like to think that J arranged that too! What a great Valentine's Day!

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