Friday, January 21, 2011

Daddy's Girl

  I'm a total Daddy's girl.  He is the person I talk to most on the phone.  He's someone who I'm always excited to see and spend time with.  And, he really is my biggest fan.  I've known so many girls who have daddy issues.  Everyone knows these girls.  They are the women who have to receive attention from men to compensate for their fathers not showing them any.  It doesn't matter what kind of attention, but they seem to figure out how to get it.

I might be the opposite of those girls.  I have a great relationship with my father.  He's made a ton of sacrifices for me over the years.  He was always there for all of my sporting events and important moments in my life.  He's given me money, clothes, a car, a college education, and a beautiful wedding.  Basically anything I wanted or need, it was provided for me.  This didn't mean I didn't know how to work.  My dad had me out on the farm helping him every summer morning at 7 am.  He taught me how to drive everything from a lawn mower to a combine.  I know how to change my oil and fix a flat tire.  I worked hard, and in return, I was able to get mostly everything I wanted. 

It's different now.  Not that my husband doesn't love me and spoil me, because he does, but it's not the same.  A father's love is different than any man could give a woman.  It is unconditional and continuous.  I wonder if fathers love and support their baby girls in that way consciously or subconsciously.  I mean, do they want their daughters to always think of them as their number one man or do they just want to treat  us that good because they love their daughters? 

I love my dad and I love my husband, and I'm proud to have great, strong, successful men in my life.  I hope someday my husband can show our daughter how much a father loves his baby girl.

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