Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A new day

Today is a new day.  I woke up this morning for the first time in two weeks before 11 am, hey, I've been gloomy.  I felt much better today, so I decided to go for my long run for my marathon training.  Today I ran 17 miles in 2 hours and 24 minutes.  Not...too...shabby.  While running, I still battled my feelings of inadequacy because I felt like I wasn't going fast enough, but I think I (along with the help of Nicki Minaj) convinced myself that I am a bad ass!  HA!  Now hopefully I can walk tomorrow!

After my run, I tried a Cliff gel.  I tried the Razz flavor. 

Dis-gust-ing!  I took one swallow and opted for a banana and an omelet. 

I've been reading a lot about how to prevent muscle soreness and aid in muscle recovery.  One site recommended blood draining.  We do this in yoga at the end of almost every class.  It is when you lay on your back with your legs up, you can prop them up against the wall, and let the blood drain from them.  When you stand back up, new, fresh blood can replace the blood that was drained.

Do any runners or exercise buffs regularly drain the blood from their legs after a hard workout?  What is your opinion?

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